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Weekday Wander - Previous Outings

  • Weekday Wander - A Walk on the Dark Side in Tameside Tuesday 5 December 2023 11:10 This, not very cunningly disguised, Wander offers an opportunity to gather a few Winter Warmer stickers as well as having a grand day out around Tameside.
  • Weekday Wander - Rawtenstall (Roll up, roll up see the tattooed lady!) Wednesday 1 November 2023 11:15 Our first sojourn outside the bounds of Greater Manchester, but only just. The singing of Rawtenstall Annual Fair on the journey up isn't compulsory, but...
  • Weekday Wander - Prestwich Tuesday 3 October 2023 11:40 This month's Weekday Wander heads north on the tram to visit Prestwich. We will cover an eclectic mix of historic, old and new modern bars on this trip.
  • Weekday Wander - Littleborough Wednesday 6 September 2023 11:30 This month we are off up into the hills, where we can partake of grand views across Greater Manchester, that is if the weather is fine. Otherwise we might be stuck in the clouds with nothing but sodden sheep to stare at. For the energetic a short moorland walk can be partaken of between pubs 1 and 2 - stout shoes recommended.
  • Weekday Wander - Eccles Tuesday 1 August 2023 We're going west this month, but in the geographic sense and not in the everything going downhill meaning! This month's Wander should be titled LAND O' CAKES, but this isn't a trip to Scotland, rather a visit to Eccles, purveyor of a curranty cake not to be mistaken for one from Chorley!
  • Weekday Wander - Wigan Wednesday 5 July 2023 A day out in Wigan where we should be eating pies, but with the occasional beer as well.
  • Weekday Wander - East Manchester Tuesday 30 May 2023 A visit to some of our lesser visited pubs in East Manchester, taking in a country pub(!), a traditional Edwardian boozer and new modern bars (one only opened two/three months!). Along the way there will also be a tutorial in different road surfacing, with the emphasis on the difference between cobbles and setts (with flagstones and tarmac thrown in for completeness).
  • Weekday Wander - Stalybridge Wednesday 3 May 2023 We are returning to Stalybridge, not only because there are several good pubs, but because there are no less than three area stickers up for grabs if participating in Mild Challenge.
  • Weekday Wander - Altrincham Tuesday 4 April 2023 This month's Weekday Wander is a return trip to Altrincham for two very important reasons:<br />1) Because it is a mighty fine place to visit for a beer or two.<br />2) Anyone partaking in Mild Magic can pick up two areas.
  • Weekday Wander - Northern Sixteenth Tuesday 28 February 2023 This Weekday Wander takes in not Manchester's Northern Quarter, but about a quarter of the Northern Quarter — hence the title!
  • Weekday Wander - Oldham Tuesday 31 January 2023 A trip to a norther outpost on the tram. This month only three pubs are on the timetable as all are worth lingering in, however a fourth is suggested because it is in the National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors. We can decide on the day.
  • Weekday Wander - Compstall and Romiley Wednesday 4 January 2023 After getting over all the drunken debauchery of Christmas and New Year, this Weekday Wander will be a complete contrast, an afternoon out in four quiet local pubs starting in the picturesque village of Compstall
  • Weekday Wander - Bolton Tuesday 29 November 2022 A trip to Bolton which will expose us to the Victorian splendour of Bolton a.k.a. the Town Hall, Cenotaph, Library and Museum along with a market hall outlet, a traditional town pub, a medieval outlet complete with stone flagged floor and finally a modern brewery tap.
  • Weekday Wander - Urmston Wednesday 2 November 2022 Urmston can be reached by both bus and train, but the timings are such that there is little difference in journey times from Stockport, but shorter by bus from Didsbury, so this is the transport plumped for.
  • Weekday Wander - Rochdale Tuesday 4 October 2022 Rochdale offers a variety of pubs, from National Pub of the Year, through Greater Manchester Pub of the Year (twice to modern bars both little and large. Rochdale is also the origin of the Co-Operative movement and it even has a Gracy Fields tribute pub (not actually visited).
  • Weekday Wander - Marple & Marple Bridge Wednesday 31 August 2022 Back and forth on the 383/384 bus to cover the different opening times while visiting Marple and Marple Bridge.
  • Weekday Wander - Greenfield Wednesday 3 August 2022 We are off into the hills again for this Weekday Wander. Greenfield used to be part of Gods Own Country (the West Riding of Yorkshire) but {sadly according to most locals} it is now in Oldham.
  • Weekday Wander - Hayfield Tuesday 5 July 2022 We will be bounding off in to the countryside for sun (hopefully!), views, beer and the option of a short walk through a traditional meadow.
  • Weekday Wander - Chorlton Tuesday 31 May 2022 Having visited Chorlton Green in a previous Wander, today we will visit the main part of Chorlton around the Wilbraham Road/Barlow Moor Road junction.
  • Weekday Wander - Stalybridge Wednesday 4 May 2022 We headed for the hills with a visit to Stalybridge, but this is nearer than you think, with travel time only 40 minutes if timed correctly to catch the half hourly connection at Piccadilly.
  • Weekday Wander - Hyde Wednesday 6 April 2022 A Tale Of Two Cities - okay two options. We could stick entirely to visiting Hyde, or potentially straying just over the border into Denton
  • Weekday Wander - Altrincham Tuesday 1 March 2022 Weekday Wander we will be visiting Altrincham, a near neighbour in train travel time, but the end of the world if a bus is used!
  • Weekday Wander - Glossop Wednesday 2 February 2022 Utilising the train to Glossop the intention to visit three pubs there, then move back to visit a later opening fourth.