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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Weekday Wander - Glossop

Wednesday 2 February 2022

February's Wander — Glossop

The destination for this Weekday Wander will be Glossop, but because of the later opening of some pubs we have the option of a three pub leisurely visit or, with a change of location for the final pub, making it a four pub outing with a later return to Stockport. Below is the four pub outing.

11:00am11:05amStockport Rail Station Platform 4 ready for Northern Train to Piccadilly
11:05am11:16amAlderly Edge - Southport train to Piccadilly (with 11:11am Hazel Grove - Blackpool as backup)
11:33am12:03pmTrain Piccadilly to Hadfield, getting off at Glossop
12:10pm1:00pmVictoria Lounge1 Bernard Street, Glossop, SK13 7AA12:00noon till 9pm
1:05pm2:00pmNorfolk ArmsNorfolk Square, Glossop, SK13 8BP12:00noon till 8:30pm
2:00pm3:15pmBar 29 High Street East, Glossop, SK13 8DANo
3:22pm3:29pmTrain from Glossop to Broadbottom [next service at 3:52pm]
3:35pm4:50pmHarewood Arms2 Market Street, Broadbottom, SK14 6AXNo
4:59pm5:42pmTrain Broadbottom via Piccadilly to Stockport
Earlier Broadbottom departure 4:29pm arrive Stockport 5:17pm or later departure 5:29pm ariving at 6:22pm

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