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Opening Times History

ORIGINAL SERIES When the branch was originally formed it was known as South Manchester and covered a much larger area than current. Originally it also covered what are now the boroughs of Salford, Trafford and even as far as Warrington! Thus the original 1976 copies of Opening Times covered this much wider area. Unfortunately, when the branch was set up, the Urban District Councils of Marple and Bredbury were not included, as they only became a part of Stockport when Greater Manchester was formed in April 1974. Hence the lack of news from these eastern bounds of Stockport.

RELAUNCH The current sequence of Opening Times was re-started in June 1984 and branch boundaries had been rearranged with Opening Times no longer covering Salford, Warrington or Trafford. The whole of Stockport borough wasn't covered until a few copies were smuggled in to Marple in January 1992. This coup was followed by official backing as acknowledged in the March 1992 issue. Slowly this coverage expanded eastward to cover the whole of the High Peak and North East Cheshire Branches area.

At what point did the branch name change from South Manchester to the current Stockport and South Manchester [but still not covering Marple and Bredbury!] The eagle eyed among you may notice that Opening Times reflected this change in 1985 with the last South Manchester branded issue being number 14 June 1985. Unfortunately issue 15 is missing, but issue 16 August 85 has Stockport in the title. Allowing for production schedules this means the actual change could have even been as early as May 1985.


Extensive though this archive may be, there are still some gaps. This may be entire issues (listed below), missing pages from selected issues or even small windows where the editor has cut out a 10p off coupon! Also some of the issues are of "less than ideal" quality and a replacement would be appreciated. If you can supply any of this missing or substandard copy please contact any Committee Member or the Webmaster here

The following are the missing issues: Issue 4 ‑ August 1984 — Issue 5 ‑ September 1984 — Issue 12 ‑ April 1985 — Issue 13 ‑ May 1985 — Issue 15 ‑ July 1985 — Issue 17 ‑ September 1985 — Issue 19 ‑ November 1985 — Issue 55 ‑ November 1988