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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Opening Times 1995

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129 - January 1995

David 1, Goliath 0 after extra time... Hind's Head Success
Winter Ales - A run down of what's available
Thirsty Scholar
By Irwell's Side - Stirrings in Salford
Rothwells - the place to eat, drink and be seen?
Student Corner - A plethora of new pubs
0ff the Tracks? - Railway, Broadhealh, AJtrincham
Foreign News - High Peak Branch visit Bratislava and Vienna
The Jolly Sailor, Davenport
Rudyard Goes Real - Again
Duty Calls - Penny a pint duty increase
Woods Walks - Glossop Real Ale Walkers visit the Colliers Arms at Broadcarr [Hartshead Pike]
Bulls Head in Hazel Grove has a thorough overhaul
Over the Moon - J D Weatherspoon coming to Manchester
Pub Grub - HR Fletchers on St Marys Street, off Deansgate in Manchester
Rhythm and Booze - Review of the Year with Richard Hough
Pub Of The Month - Red Lion on Wilmslow Road in Withington, Manchester
Stagger - Around the Heatons, Stockport with Rob Lea
Curmudgeon - National Lottery - Pub sandwich

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130 - February 1995

Pub of the Year - Queen's Head [Turners Vaults] on Little Underbank in Stockport
New Brewery for Stockport?
Never on a Sunday? - "Absurd" licensing restrictions to be scrapped
Carry Out - Banarberries is on Little Underbank in Stockport
Rhythm and Booze with Richard Hough
Pub Of The Month - Circus Tavern on Portland Street in Manchester
Stagger - Manchester City Centre with Mark MacConachie
Curmudgeon - Don't drink and walk - Guest beers

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131 - March 1995

Bang To Rights! - Courage amend their guest beers policy
The Vanishing Tap Room (Part 1)
Planning for Stockport Beer & Cider Festival well advanced
New Ale from Vaux - Waggle Dance
Wilsons Decline..... and Fall?
Drinking in Dusseldorf and Kolsching in Cologne
New Prices Probe
Video Review - The Best of British - 30 Classic Great British Pubs
Here Comes Summer
Book Review - West Lanes Real Ale Guide by CAMRA West Lanes Branch
High Peak Featured Pub - The Royal Oak in High Lane
Marple Review
Pub Grub - Sir Robert Peel on Castle Street in Edgeley, Stockport with Stuart Ballantyne
Rhythm and Booze with Richard Hough
Pub Of The Month - The Olde Cock on Wilmslow Road in Didsbury, Manchester
Stagger - Hyde Road, Belle Vue to Reddish Bridge in Manchester with Rhys Jones
Curmudgeon - Curmudgeon Backs Kids in Pubs Shock!

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132 - April 1995

Giant Brewery Merger Threatens Turmoil - Scottish & Newcastle and Courage
Stockport Mild Challenge
Ups N Downs on Wellington Road South re-opens
Off the Hook - The demise of coat-hooks
Beartown Brews up a Treat
Thumbs Up in Angel Meadow
It's Grim Down South
Woods Walks - A recap of Glossop Real Ale Walkers activities
West Coast Ales - Chris Tucker goes drinking in San Francisco
Premium Dividend - CAMRA Investments Club visits Hydes
Pub Grub - The Bar on Wilbraham Road in Chorlton, Manchester with Stuart Ballantyne
Rhythm and Booze with Richard Hough
Pub Of The Month - Travellers Call on Hyde Road in West Gorton, Manchester
Stagger - Edgeley and Shaw Heath, Stockport with Stuart Ballantyne
Curmudgeon - Dry Sundays in Dwyfor - Conservatives, the beer drinkers friend

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133 - May 1995

Arthur To Quit? - Exclusive by Stuart Ballantyne
We're Number One! - Opening Times becomes CAMRA Newsletter of the Year

A Touch Of The O'irish
Brewing for Victory - Special beers to mark the VE day commemorations
That Outdoor Experience - A roundup of beer-gardens
Disley News - Changes at the Rams Head
High Peak Featured Pub - Bulls Head in Old Glossop
Local Haunts with Pete Massey
Pub Grub Part 1 - Real Pub Food For All? with Peter Edwardson
Pub Grub Part 2 - The Cheadle Hulme in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport with Stuart Ballantyne
Rhythm and Booze with Richard Hough
Pub Of The Month - Florist on Shaw Heath in Stockport
Stagger - Levenshulme in Manchester with Paul Felton
Curmudgeon - Opening hours - Vinyl upholstery

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134 - June 1995

Battle Stations on the New Keg Threat
Seeing Red over Green Bullet

Save our Pubs
Hyde Road The Reaction
That Damn Nitrokeg with Ralf Warrington
Cheshire Pubs - The Harrington Arms in Gawsworth with Peter Edwardson
Board Of it All - Abused blackboards in pubs
Book Review - A Century of British Brewers by The Brewery History Society
The Menace of Nitrokeg
Waiting in Holyhead - Where to go for a pint when waiting for the Irish ferry
Boddies' Blow For Tenants - Whitbread prepare a massive discount drive
Praise For Disability Campaign
High Peak Featured Pub - The Inn on the Green (The Crown Inn) in Hawk Green, Marple
Pub Review - Disley and Kettleshulme
Staggering around Stalybridge
Walking Can Be Fun - Drinking across Stockport with Pete Soane
Local Haunts - White Lion on Little Underbank, Stockport with Pete Massey
Tameside Canals Festival Beer Tent
Pub Grub - Nursery on Green Lane, Heaton Norris in Stockport
Rhythm and Booze with Richard Hough
Pub Of The Month - The Station on Wilmslow Road, Didsbury in Manchester
Stagger - Offerton in Stockport with Peter Edwardson
Curmudgeon - Britain over-pubbed? - Vale Cottage castigated

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135 - July 1995

BE INDEPENDENT - Support your local brewers
Full Steam Ahead - Head of Steam opens on Whitworth Street, Manchester
Slash and Save - Why the Chancellor should slash beer tax
SKY HIGH - CAMRA prices review
Beer Gardens with Richard Hough
Summers Up - Hydes venture into the seasonal beer market
Moor Top - Heaton Moor, Stockport pub re-opened
Book Review - Isle of Man Pub and Brewery Guide by Andrew Jessop
SCOTTISH COURAGE - A marriage made in hell?
A Quarter of a Million Pints!! - Great British Beer Festival
Stockport Meets The Mild Challenge
Local Haunts - Little Jack Homers on Lord Street, Stockport with Pete Massey
Pub Grub - Ye Olde Cock in Didsbury, Manchester with Stuart Ballantyne
Rhythm and Booze with Paul Felton
Pub Of The Month - Orion on Burton Road, Withington in Manchester
Stagger - Minibus tour of the southern fringes of Stockport with John Clarke
Curmudgeon - National v micro brewers - Caffrey's nitrokeg

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136 - August 1995

At Last! - Sensible Sunday Opening Arrives
Silly Smiths - Samuel Smith pulls cask beer in London

Wetherspoons Latest - Progress at Manchester outlet
Porter Expands - Rossendale Brewery unvails second pub
Cheshire Pubs - The Holly Bush in Little Leigh with Peter Edwardson
Nelson Sets Sail - Scottish & Newcastle reveal refurbishment of the Nelson on Wellington Road South, Stockport
National Brew News - Samuel Allsops Traditional Stout, Colonel Pepper's Lemon Ale and Youngers No 3
Book Review - Nine Towns Bitter - the Definitive Guide to Tameside Pubs edited by Ralph Warrington
The Chester Challenge - High Peak CAMRA take on Chester
Walking can be fun - Didsbury to Stockport via the pub with Pete Soane
Local Haunts - The Gladstone on Hillgate, Stockport with Pete Massey
Pub Grub 1 - Smithfield Hotel & Bar on Swan Street, Manchester with Stuart Baliantyne
Pub Grub 2 - Copperfield's (public bar of the Southlands Hotel) in Cale Green with Richard Hough
Rhythm and Booze with Richard Hough
Pub Of The Month - Crown on Heaton Lane in Stockport
Stagger - Abbey Hey in East Manchester with Mark McConachie
Curmudgeon - Bench seating - Children running amok

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137 - September 1995

Full Steam Ahead - Booming Micros Advance Cask Ale Revolution
Hydes Anvil Forging Ahead
Cheshire Pubs - The Bhurtpore Inn at Aston near Nantwich with Peter Edwardson
CarryOut - Stockport's Odd Bins on Buxton Road in Heaviley
Wetherspoons - Update on converting the old Odeon citiema on Deansgate
Kenilworth - Refurbished Cheadle Hulme pub re-opens
Frederic's on Anglesey
Pub Theatre for Manchester - To be housed in Square Albert pub, Albert Square
Beer Garden Awards
Local Haunts - Hillgate's pubs with Pete Massey
High Peak Featured Pub - Travellers Call, Lane Ends, Marple Bridge
Pub Grub - Crown Inn on Didsbury Road, Heaton Mersey in Stockport with Richard Hough
Rhythm and Booze with Richard Hough
Pub Of The Month - Davenport Arms (Thiefs Neck) on Chester Road in Woodford, Stockport
Stagger - Bumage and Heaton Mersey with John Clarke
Curmudgeon - Locals or Mega Pubs? - OT on the internet, Bah Humbug

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138 - October 1995

New' Threat to Tie
Allied Shake-up

Book Review - Pubs of Central Manchester with S. J. Littler
Festival Frolics
Farmers Arms - Hydes unveil their latest tied houseon Burnage Lane, Burnage
Is the Price Right? - Peter Edwardson asks whether high prices are slowly killing the traditional pub
New Kids on the Block - A look at Fallowfield with John Clarke
High Lane Review By Tom Lord
Local Haunts - Civil War antics with Pete Massey
Rhythm and Booze with Richard Hough
Pub Of The Month - Crown on Heaton Moor Road, Heaton Moor in Stockport
Stagger - Rusholme in Manchester with Paul Felton
Curmudgeon - Full measures - Behind the Times - Wine Snobbery Back to Top

139 - November 1995

DOUBLE WHAMMY - Ailied axe Warrington while Greenalls grab Boddies
Joseph Who? - Joseph Worrall of the Windsor Castle Brewery
And There's Another One - River Head Brewery opens in Marsden
Opening Times on the internet
Rhythm and Booze
Pub Of The Month - Old Monkey on Portland Street in Manchester City Centre
Stagger - Stockport town centre with Rececca Pendlebury
Curmudgeon - Euro-Sceptical - Fake Pies - Odd Hours

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140 - December 1995

Brewers' Retreat on Full Measure
The Carousel Turns - Handpumps installed
Lonsdale on Belmont Way, Heaton Norris, Stockport reborn as The Roundhouse
Viaducts & Vaults II
Hatton Arms Update - Fake Scrumpy Jack handpump removed
Hydes re-launch XXXX strong ale
Festive Fun and Seasonal Cheer
Pubs of North Wales - The Sun Inn in Rhewl, Llangollen
Via Fossa opens on Canal Street in Manchester City Centre
Stay Safe - Don't Drink and Drive this Xmas
Festival Winners One and All - Stockport Beer & Cider Festival awards presented
High Peak Featured Pub - The White House in Stalybridge
Poynton Review
Local Haunts - Star & Garter on Hillgate in Stockport with Pete Massey
Hole I' Th' Wall reopens on Bridge Street Brow (off Market Place) in Stockport
Swinging Sporran on Sackville Street, City Centre reopens as Retro Bar
Rhythm and Booze with Richard Hough
Pub Of The Month - Jolly Crofter on Castle Street, Edgeley in Stockport
Stagger - West Gorton, Manchester with Rhys ]ones
Curmudgeon - Not so Great Exhibition - Drink-Drive Confusion

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