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Campaign for Real Ale

Weekday Wander - Hayfield

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Now the good weather is (should be!) here it is off into the countryside for sun, views, beer and the option of a short walk, so something for all.

We will be travelling on the 358 bus from Stockport to Hayfield, then comes our first decision, wait 14 minutes for a bus connection or opt to walk to our first pub. The shorter walk (unfortunately alongside the busy A624) is about 3/4 mile, but there is an alternative field footpath of a mile. Depending on how fast we walk, and how late the bus is, either option could reach the Lantern Pike first. As we will be catching the bus back, and the bus only takes 25 minutes before returning (but thankfully is hourly) we will be spending around an hour and twenty minutes there. Plenty of time to eat.

It would have been nice to have witnessed the Hayfield Sheepdog Trials, which usually takes place across the road in September, but unfortunately they are cancelled for 2022.

Back in Hayfield the three pubs can actually be done in any order, as they are all within 5 minutes walk of each other. However there is a second decision to be made, how long we stay in each pub. The buses back are at 16:50, 17:44 (via New Mill Newtown) and 18:10, so it is either a brisk pint in each pub, a less frantic drink but a more exotic return or a leisurely pint all around. For those really adventurous the busses are hourly back so there is an option to take in the Sportsman, a 10 minute/half a mile walk along the Kinder Road (but don't overrun and end up on Kinder Scout!). Beware the last bus leaves 10 minutes early, at midnight and not 00:10 — how's that for a service!

Unfortunately the only other pub in Hayfield opens Thursday to Sunday only, so a separate visit will be required to get the full card of Hayfield pubs.

11:30am11:35am Stockport Mersey Square bus stop G (up the slope towards St Peters Square)
11:35am12:29pm Bus 358 for Hayfield via Marple (12:05) and New Mills (12:18)
12:29am12:50pm Walk to Little Hayfield
12:43pm12:46pm Bus 61 for short hop to Little Hayfield
12:43pm2:10pmLantern Pike 45 Glossop Road, Little Hayfield, SK22 2NGNoon - 3pm
2:13pm2:15pm Bus 61 for short hop back to Hayfield
Swift TourLeisurely Drink
2:18pm3:15pm2:18pm3:35pmRoyal Hotel Market Street, Hayfield, SK22 2EPNoon - 2:30pm
3:15pm4:00pm3:35pm4:50pmGeorge Hotel 14 Church Street, Hayfield, SK22 2JENoon - 9pm
4:00pm4:45pm4:50pm6:05pmKinder Lodge 10 New Mills Road, Hayfield, SK22 2JGNo
4:50pm5:40pmBus 358 all the way to Stockport
5:44pm6:20pmBus 61 to New Mill Newtown (6:00pm) then train to Stockport
5:44pm6:23pmBus 61 to New Mill Newtown (6:00pm) then SkyLine 199 bus to Stockport
6:10pm7:00pmBus 358 all the way to Stockport

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