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Campaign for Real Ale

Weekday Wander - Marple & Marple Bridge

Wednesday 31 August 2022

This is another Weekday Wander which has been backed into a corner by the calendar — the first of the month is on Thursday and Monday is a Bank Holiday! Oh well se la vie.

Because of the later opening times of some of today's pubs, this entails a bit of toing and froing to fit them all in, so make sure you have a runabout bus ticket.

First off we will be travelling to Marple Bridge to the Norfolk Arms where, if they have re-stocked after the Bank Holiday weekend, food is available, but I'm intrigued why their webpage has a menu priced in US dollars! They have a varying range of beers on offer, with occasional 'eclectic' offerings as illustrated by a Facebook post of 30 June for Mystic Cherry beer from Belgium. Unfortunately we won't be staying late enough to take advantage of their Happy Hour as we need to double back up the hill to Marple.

On Market Street in Marple we will be calling in to the Samuel Oldknow. With six handpulls, one dedicated to Brightside and another to a dark beer there should be something for everyone. The premise isn't overlarge, so should we number twenty or more some may have to retire to the outdoor drinking area. For anyone still desiring food, there is an excellent Cambodian restaurant (it was the first in England) just around the corner on the main street.

Back on the bus again, this time travelling past the Norfolk Arms to alight at the stop labelled Northumberland Arms. We will however be diverting to the Spring Gardens first [saves crossing the road twice!]. Rescued from a period of closure, the smart, light and airy interior is extensive in size, so no exiling of people unless the party swells to fifty or more. For those who don't want to partake of traditional pub games, dominoes and cribbage, there is a room towards the rear which has a table football and a pinball machine.

Crossing the road we enter the Northumberland Arms, which is a complete contrast in decor. Several small areas branch off the bar, so again we may have to split up! Originally a Robinsons house, when facing closure, the local residents banded together and purchased it and now run it as a community pub. The beer is now anything but Robinsons, so expect the unexpected.

Now it is time to leave, and the two circular bus routes are timed to cross virtually outside. If anyone has a preference to complete the circle there is a bus at around 5:20pm to Stockport via Romiley. For those less fussy, and who wish to avoid crossing the road again, the Marple bound bus is timed at around 5:15pm

11:25am11:58amBus 383 from stop G Mersey Square [on the rise up to St Peters Square] Stockport to Marple Bridge
11:59am1:00pmNorfolk Arms2 Town Street, Marple Bridge, SK6 5DSNoon - 9pm
1:09pm1:13pm384 bus Marple Bridge back to Marple
1:15pm2:50pmSamuel Oldknow22 Market Street, Marple, SK6 7ADNo
2:58pm3:03pmBus 383 from Marple to Spring Gardens/Northumberland Arms
3:05pm4:05pmSpring Gardens89 Compstall Road, Marple Bridge, SK6 5HENo
4:10pm5:10pmNorthumberland Arms64 Compstall Road, Marple Bridge, SK6 5HDNo
5:15pm5:20pm5:49pm5:57pm384 bus to Stockport via Marple or383 bus to Stockport via Romiley

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