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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Weekday Wander - Compstall and Romiley

Wednesday 4 January 2023

January Weekday Wander — Romiley
11:20 Wednesday 4th January, Stockport Bus Station

After getting over all the drunken debauchery of Christmas and New Year, this Weekday Wander will be a complete contrast, an afternoon out in four quiet local pubs.

We are starting in the picturesque village of Compstall at the Andrew Arms. Looking at it today, it is hard to believe Compstall was formerly a mill village, built by George Andrew in the 1820s to house his 800 workers. Many people visit the nearby Etherow Country Park to feed the ducks and stroll through the park, but most miss the Andrew Arms as it is tucked away 'around the back' out of view. Internally it is a cosy traditional pub serving good food, while outside (for warmer weather) there is an exquisite beer garden.

We now hop back on the bus, but this time the 383 back towards Romiley, alighting at the Duke of York at the other end of town. On entering you realise the Duke of York is a traditional village pub, having been built in 1786, some 35 years before the Andrew Arms! At this time of year we will probably be greeted by a roaring fire. There is a restaurant upstairs but meals can also be consumed downstairs [though some swift footwork will be required as last food order is at 2pm].

On leaving we trek back to the centre of town, and in around 5 minutes we will find Platform One, which in its former life was the Railway. The layout shouts at this being a former brewery owned pub which was re-opened in 2012 as a free house and wine bar. Again there is a restaurant upstairs (Platform 2) but food is also served in the bar. The occasional rumble you may hear isn't a starving local's stomach but the train passing overhead. If the Network Rail numbering convention adopted in the station were kept to, this establishment should really be called Platform Zero. If we have any devotees of the apple, real cider is available here.

Our final destination doesn't open until 3pm, so let us not rush the early part of the afternoon and end up having to await the door opening!. Another five minute walk along the street will bring us to Jake's Ale House. Should our party exceed a dozen, we will virtually fill what is a cosy micro-pub. Previously a shoe and clothing shop, the bar now ticks all the boxes by serving cask ale, craft keg, wines and spirits - so something for everyone. The real ales emphasise local suppliers where possible, and there can be up to five available.

11:20am11:25amMeet Stockport Bus Station, Heaton Lane
11:29am12:10pmCatch bus 384, Romiley Circular from Stand H3
12:15pm1:35pmAndrew ArmsGeorge Street, Compstall SK6 5JDFood till 2pm
1:40pm1:50pmCatch 383 bus towards Romiley
1:55pm2:55pmDuke Of YorkStockport Road, Romiley SK6 3ANFood till 2pm
3:00pm3:55pmPlatform One6 Stockport Road, Romiley SK6 4BNFood
4:00pm5:05pmJakes Ale House27 Compstall Road, Romiley SK6 4BT - Opens at 3pm
383 bus via Romiley back to Stockport
The 384 via Marple can be used but takes 45minutes at 5:05 (5:49), 5:25 (6:09) and 5:45 (6:29)

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