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Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company are attempting to hijack handpumps

Brewery-conditioned dead beer sold via so called handpumps!

Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) has announced the launch of a concept called ‘Fresh Ale’ which they are going to apply to Wainwright Gold, Wainwright Amber and Hobgoblin brands. This follows on from the small-scale introduction of the same idea by Otter Brewery in Devon last year.

Their stated intention is to produce beers suitable for outlets without sufficient turnover for cask, but which still retains some of the characteristics of cask and is stated to have a shelf life of 14 days once opened. 'Fresh Ale' is not pasteurised, but is (1) filtered, (2) stored in a pressurised keg and (3) served under a mixed gas blanket. CMBC’s Vice President of Marketing John Clements was at pains to point out that it isn’t cask ale, and isn’t being marketed as such but, being served through a 'handpump', it is hard to avoid the conclusion that it is going to significantly blur the distinction.

Here is the full CAMRA reaction

What can YOU do?

Keep a keen eye open for any manifestation of this practice then report it.
This can be done through the pub's own WhatPub page, directly to ku.gro.armac.mss@namriahC or nationally via

Although the most likely place to find this practice is in a Marston’s pub, but since they sell on the open market and also supply many pub chains with their products, it could appear anywhere.

Be ever vigilant!

See it — Say it — Let's sort it!